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- Deborah Dolen -
aka/dba Mabel White

It has been reported to bustedscammers that Deborah Dolen is currently doing business online as Mabel White. Because of Dolen's history, and having been the founder of a Sarasota work-at-home company accused of defrauding customers across the nation, a warning was requested. Easily found through a search for Dolen on the Federal Trade Commission's website as well as a routine Google search, the following information is available on this individual:

From the St. Petersburg Times:
Paralegal Kits Draw Officials' Attention - Jan 2, 2000
Divorce Kit Company Founder Leaves Firm - Jan 17, 2000
Complaints Continue to Dog Paralegal Firm - Feb 18, 2000
Embattled Firm's Founder Back in Action - June 14, 2000
Work-at-Home Company Closed - Oct 24, 2000
Paralegal Kit Marketer Snubs Court, FTC Says - 11/10/00 .

From the Federal Trade Commission's Website:
Law Enforcers Target "Top 10" Online Scams
FTC News - October 23, 2000
Complaint Filed
Restraining Ordered Issued
Order by the United States District Court Middle District of Florida.
Stipulated Final Judgment and Order
Search Results from the FTC

From Google News - Online (located at: news.google.com)
Shady Company Founder Back At Work
Current Companies (DBA):
Mabel White Home Living

DBA Names:
Mabel White
Pearl Grace
Roslynn Grace *Reported to BS as Deborah Dolen's face superimposed Gwyneth Paltrow's head.  You decide.
Previous Names:

Deborah Ruth Harvey
Deborah Dolen
Current Consumer Opinions and Reviews of Caution:
Reseller Ratings
Ripoff Report - 5/1/2007
Ripoff Report - 5/21/2007
2007 Complaints from ripoffreport.com

Misc. - Links Found Through Google:
Forum Link  

Forum Link
Another Forum Link 
Yet Another Forum
Homesteading Today Forum
Sign of the Times Forum

And even more + and it continues

Scam Adviser notes on their analysis of Deborah Dolen's site:  
Analysis Details:- 
Although this website appears to be based in United States there are other countries involved and you should review this information carefully and decide if it is as you expect.
This site is using an anonymous service - which prevents us from identifying the site owner. This can sometimes be just so that the owner does not receive spam, but be aware that many scam sites use this as a method to hide their identify. If this is an ecommerce site - we would suggest you confirm the business address with the website owners.

Better Business Bureau NEW ALERT! November 2011
Warning Issued:  Mabel White Home Living

The BBB has received a pattern of complaints against the business alleging delivery issues. Complaints filed with BBB allege that consumers have paid for but never received the products.
Click To View

Update! - November 5, 2008:
In a recent email to this site's
*hosting company, Deborah Dolen, demanding that the reported information above be removed, made the following statement, which can only be considered as a personal threat to the owner of the *hosting company. QUOTE: "As far as being upset-I am not as upset as names that will come up on the web in 30 days as "Child porn dealers" or part of a "ring" on foreign servers-which never goes away, and I suspect will be the case.
In what clearly appears as Dolen's (dba Mabel White) preparation to engage in a personal attack on the owner of this site's *web hosting service, on November 6, 2008, a domain of the *web host's personal name was
registered and placed on the name server MabelWhite.com

NEW! Update! - June 26, 2011:   
Deborah Dolen's lawsuit against Busted Scammers' web site host dismissed with prejudice by Federal Court.  In addition, read the web host's cyberbully article here and Deborah Dolen's bully attempt via lawsuit here.


Friday, January 13, 2012 Email Received:
While most of us are making an honest living and dealing with the realities of everyday life, Deborah Dolen has spent the past three years in a crazed, relentless and obsessive bullying war against the bustedscammer.com site’s web host, as well as a few other individuals she has claimed run this site. She took her claims to Federal court and insisted the information reported on this site was false, libelous, and portrayed her in a “false light”.
  The court dismissed all her claims and sent her packing, but that hasn’t stopped her war against the truth as reported here and on multiple other websites. Her criminal record is easily enough found  and verifiable, but Ms. Dolen claims it isn’t so, and is libel. “Libel” is an easy enough word to throw around, but it doesn’t fit when the truth is the truth.


On Friday, January 13, 2012 bustedscammers received another bullying attempt by Ms Dolen to have this site shut down, and we’ve decided that sharing her email would explain the kind of person that is behind it. As a prelude to this email, it should be mentioned that Ms. Dolen has filed a harassing amount of bogus ICANN complaints in the past year and a half. Every time our registrar contacts us, they verify who we are, but Ms. Dolen continues to throw her fits and claim we are someone else, or worse, that we are dead!


Click here for a screen shot of the latest email received from Deborah Dolen via her Mabel White email name.


In authoring this email, she cc’d herself at some free dime-a-dozen “justice.com” email addy. Just in case anyone missed it, that is supposed to scare a recipient into thinking that she has some legal “justice” authority. FYI, anyone can get a “lawyer.com” email right here, and if you’re a science enthusiast, you can sign up for a free “chemist.com” email there too.  

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