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From Online News in Omaha
As Reported:

Alleged Check Scam
At-home business owners lose money, products

"Five heartland women with home businesses say they have been scammed by a woman writing bad checks. Altogether, the victims say her checks have cost them more than $800.

Laura Peyton, the suspected bad check writer, was in the Sarpy County Jail Tuesday night after a Six On Your Side investigation. But she says she never meant to rob the five wives and mothers of their money or their products.

The home business owners, who sell everything from cosmetics to candles, say they are not convinced.

"When the check bounced, I started going after her for that, then saw online that she had my things for sale," Cheryl Pease said of Peyton.

In fact, two of the five women got their money back from Peyton after threatening to call police, but the other three say Peyton actually profited off of them by selling their products online when she had never paid for them in the first place.

"When I saw it being resold, that made me really angry because I'm out my money and she's taking all our products and making a fortune on it," Kristine Steege said.

Tuesday, Peyton was arrested on two outstanding check warrants. She agreed to do a phone interview with Six On Your Side's Mike McKnight about accusations of fraud made by the five at-home business owners.

"I'm more than willing to work with them, whether they want the products I have, or send them cash," Peyton said. "It was a big mistake, a bank mistake, and I'm not trying to scam anybody."

But the women whom Peyton paid with her bad checks say they were victimized months after she already had warrants issued for the same crime.

They also believe Peyton claimed on a website to be involved in a non-profit organization collecting items for military families.

Peyton denies the accusation."

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